July 2016


Check These Facts Before You Look For Cheap Car Insurance

Vehicle insurance isn’t a choice for car owners. With the increasing number of mishaps on the road, car insurance is one of the simplest ways to avoid financial woes that are pretty common in aftermath of accidents. Most people look for insurance plans that their friends or colleagues use, but shopping for insurance shouldn’t be about just asking for references. You need to be extra sure of the policy and cover, and if you are confused, here are simple tips to get cheap car insurance Philippines.

Knowing the cover

Of course, car insurance is a compulsion, and that only stands for liability insurance. However, depending on the options, you may want to think about specific kind of coverage, such as collision coverage, which covers the costs of repairs after the accident. Comprehensive insurance on the other hand will pay for all kinds of damage, including theft and vandalism, but there is a deductable. Personal injury protection is also something you may want to think of. Although it is not technically car insurance, it helps users with finances when injured on the road.Car-Insurance-101Buying insurance

No matter whether you are looking for mapfre auto insurance or any other insurance, it is more than essential to be extremely careful with the final choice. More often than not, car insurance cover is extremely complicated and there are many terms and facts that are hard to understand, especially for those new to such policies. Do not hesitate in asking the concerned insurance provider to send their executive for understanding the basics. Also, there are many sites, where you can find easy and simple filters to actually compare the insurance options side by side. Such kind of comparison just helps in avoiding unwanted hassles in the future, since you will be choosing the best cover.

As a prudent customer, you don’t want to be entangled in the overall confusions of policies. To prevent the same, you need a company that’s well known in the market and offers genuine assistance to clients. They must be able to offer additional assistance and as needed, their services should be accessible. Depending on your location, you may come across a number of different terms and specific rules, which may be applicable to some companies. For example, many insurance companies do not insure car that are over 10 years old, but this rule can be tweaked when the car is well maintained.

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Used Car

7 reasons why Truebil makes buying a used car in Mumbai easy as 1-2-3

Though you are promised the most top-notch used cars by dealers, the reality sometimes turns out to exactly the opposite. Sometimes the buyer has to go through so many difficulties, that he finally gives up the hope of buying a used car. To help in such a scenario, Truebil, a virtual marketplace for pre-owned four wheelers has been continuously striving to make the car buying and selling process absolutely hassle free. But before you take the word of mouth, here are 7 USPs of Truebil that help you to get your dream car for the best price.

#1. Verified no-accident four wheelers

The complete catalogue of used cars in Mumbai with Truebil is totally verified and thoroughly tested. A group of certified engineers are employed to test all the components of the car listed by the seller, and the car is listed online only after it passes various tests and meets up to Truebil standards. Not only that, Truebil only sells those cars that have never gone through any primary accidents. This ensures that you can get a used car in its best possible condition. After conducting various technical evaluations, they check if the car is under debt, or if it is a stolen vehicle.

#2. Thorough inspection and evaluation of the car

Once you register with Truebil, they will not only help you to get the ideal car but also present to you a detailed inspection report of that particular car. This is really a major assistance from Truebil as you get to know of every minute detail about its repaints, dents and even scratches. With such a detailed report, you will be able to gain a valuable insight about the car you are willing to purchase.

#3.Truescore speaks of the car’s efficiency

With so many options of used cars in Mumbai, it becomes very difficult for a novice buyer to select a particular car even though they have decided the make and model. To help buyers in such a position, Truebil has come up with a unique idea of Truescore which is a numeric indicator lying in a range between 0 and 5. The breakdown is based on two main criteria: cost-effectiveness and performance. Needless to say, higher the Truescore, more reliable the car is in terms of performance and cost-efficiency.

#4. Comparing the features of two cars

One of the amazing USPs of Truebil is that they let their buyers compare all the features of up to three cars. It will offer you a detailed summary of various conditions of those cars like when it was manufactured, total distance travelled, owner status, fuel transmission, insurance and RC type. Not only that, comfort parameters, safety controls and accessories available for each car are also shown.

#5. Best rate for a used car

Price of a used car in Mumbaiis as important a parameter as the car’s features and performance. At Truebil, a buyer can find a price that is reasonably set for each and every second hand cars. The pricing engine works efficiently to set the price of each car and is regularly updated according to the market value of a specific make and model. This enables the buyer to pay a price that is worth the car they have opted to buy.

#6. Unmatched support and customer service

Unlike most other second hand car marketplace, Truebil is not just limited to handing over the car to the buyer; they also help a buyer obtain necessary documents, loans and insurance renewal. Truebil arranges for financing through its host of banking partners. Plus, you can also avail emergency road side assistance from Truebil whenever the need arises.

#7. Test drive before you buy

Just like you get an opportunity to test drive a new car, the same way Truebil will arrange for an appointment with the seller where you can test drive it. You will just have to log in to the portal and click on the “Get seller Contact” whereby you will get a confirmation call from the Truebil experts who will assist you in all possible means to make you sure of your decision.

Mumbai, the financial capital of our country is such a city where every 10th person owns a car. But the moment you buy and take the car out the showroom, its value dives down by about 20 percent of its price. This depreciation has created a large market for used cars in Mumbai. If you are ready to pay a decent amount of money, a pre-owned, slightly used quality car can be yours. It will spare you from shelling out an inflated sum of money for the same four-wheeler.

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