September 2017


A Free Car Insurance Quote Will Save You Money

Securing a car insurance is not only for your protection, it also gives you a sense of confidence when you are embarking on a long journey. When you are browsing the internet you must have come across an opportunity of obtaining a free car insurance quote. You can truly and safely get any policy coverage you desire at an affordable rate when you request a free auto insurance Ontario on the internet.

The need for Insurance:

Insurance gives you primary protection from different damage and losses that you may incur during an accident or in the event of burglary. The insurance cover is usually on the driver or owner of the vehicle, the automobile itself andany individual who is affected during an accident or a collision. Insurance policies have various coverage plans.

Insurance is an obligation:

Under the rules of government, you must have insurance coverage for your car. You are not allowed to drive your vehicle without having the right insurance documents on you. For this reason you need to seek for car insurance quotes online to enable you compare quotes of different policies from various firms and obtain a cheaper rate.

You can walk down to any local office of any insurance firm in your locality; they will be glad to meet with you and will treat you politely. They will ask you some facts about your car, about you and your experience in driving. This information is necessary to offer you a free quote from their database.

The important factor in shopping for insurance is to make a request for a free quote online. You need to consider searching for many insurance quotes to make sure you found the lowest quote to help you save some cash.You can use the tool of the internet to visit popular insurance websites for free car insurance quote. You need to visit many insurance firms to compare quotes offered by many companies.

The best way to get a very cheap insurance rate is to search for free quotes on the internet. You need to visit any insurance website where you will see an application form on the home page of the website. You will need to fill in an application form which the company will use to send you a free quote.

The application will require some definite details from you. You will have to provide your car make and model, your employment details, your driving history etc. You have to fill in your information in the form and submit it. The company will instantly respond with a free quote for you. In this way you will visit many sites online and satisfy you need for a car insurance quote online.

Next, you have to collate all the responses you received from the insurance companies and compare them to get the least one so you can visit the company to provide an insurance policy for your automobile. You will be saving lots of money when you compare quotes using the option of free quotes online during your research.

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Supercar Specs for the Supercar Championship

Regulations for the present generation of supercar competitors make sure that each contestant does not turn up a machine that is a lot meaner than the rest. They only make room for small variations in terms of engine design, body shaping, aerodynamics, and so forth. They are not completely different from their road-going versions. On top of that, the regulations are also intended to keep expenditure down on assembly as well as repairs. So let us get right into some of the specs you can expect to see in these Supercar Championship competitors

The Bodyshell

Each car can be identified based on features shared by its street legal cousins. Being designed for the track, however, they are altogether shorter in height, longer in length, and have a much lower centre of gravity. The only cars that will be featured in the 2017 season are the Volvo S60, Mercedes Benz E63 AMG W212, Holden VF Commodore, and the Ford Falcon FG-X.

Ford, in particular, has been causing some buzz after the unveiling the number 56 MEGA Racing FG X by the Prodrive racing team which will be driven on the track by renowned racing driver Jason Bright. Being a fairly recent competitor in the market, the brand has done well to acquire Bright as their driver for the race. The brand will make its debut in this year’s Virgin Australia Supercar Championship. Garry Jacobson has also joined the team as a driver along with Bright.


There are different angles and design features present in each car. Nonetheless, the aero packages and options have been configured to give all of them fairly similar drag coefficients and downforce. All of the cars use components such as a front splitter and spoiler, a rear wing and side skirts.


Predictably, these racing cars are much lighter than the road version after getting rid of their creature comforts and extra seats. However, in order to compete, each can be no lighter than 1,410 kilograms, with a minimum weight of 755 kg supported by the front axle. The lowest weight for the driver is 100kg, race suit and seat mechanism included. Other parts that must meet regulations for weight include the engine which can be no lighter than 200kg as well as the front uprights which must each be at 10.5kg.


The drivetrain layout required for every car is a front mounted engine and rear wheel drive. Each car uses the same size of engine, a 5 litre V8, naturally aspirated. It is good enough for a power output between 620 and 650 horsepower. Competing teams are allowed to go either with an engine they developed themselves or a common option favoured by other supercars. The requirement is, though that the engine is a V8. Every engine revs to 7,500rpm. Power goes to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential box. The performance of the engine is assisted by an electronic control unit. This is essentially a network of sensors which constantly monitor the state of the tyres and fuel consumption and expose problematic functions with the car.


All of the cars use disc brakes from AP Racing both on the front and rear wheels. The disks on front measure 395mm in diameter and have six-piston callipers while the discs on the rear are slightly smaller at 355mm and use 4-piston callipers.


Those are just some of the main specs involved you can find in a Supercar Championship racer. Overall, the idea is to keep each car competitor as similar in performance as possible so the real contest comes down to the driver’s skill.


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