May 2022


Things to consider while buying bike insurance online for a preowned vehicle

Many people believe purchasing a second-hand bike is a much better choice than buying a brand-new bike and then paying expensive insurance premiums for that. Most of the insurance providers hence offer bike insurance online even if they are second-hand vehicles. So, if you are buying any two-wheeler, make sure you consider some of the following points as mentioned below. They will help you make much better choices and save your expenses in the long run.

Driver’s License

As a lot of you already know, it is not possible to register or even insure any second-hand two-wheelers unless there is a driving license with you already. Hence, make sure you have one, because, without that, it would be hard to purchase a pre-owned vehicle.

The History of The Vehicle

Also, in the case of second-hand bikes, insurance companies prefer to investigate and understand if the vehicle has already been restructured after the incident. You also need to check if it has gone through repairs or modifications of sorts. If there have been a lot of repairs before, the premium costs will surely be a lot higher.

Spare Parts Availability

Most two-wheeler companies also like to maintain a list of two-wheelers and bikes depending on the parts and their availability. Hence, if your plan is to purchase a vehicle that is used that ranks high in terms of popularity, make sure the premium cost is low. Getting the parts easily and replacing them too also reduces the premium costs massively.

Extra Benefits

Always check if you can avail extra benefits during the extra benefits that are usually available with two-wheeler insurance. Make sure that your policy includes fuel services for emergencies, roadside assistance, etc. If you have any benefits for inter-city or going for bike rides, make sure that your policy also provides you with extra or additional benefits for coverage.

Theft probability

Also, make sure that you have taken a thorough look at the theft probability part. Bikes are after all much easier to be stolen as compared to four-wheelers. Robbers and criminals find it easy to steal parts of the bike or eviscerate them in order to sell them off at market value since their parts are a lot higher. So, make sure that you get coverage on that. Otherwise, you could actually be putting your bike at major risk.

Risk Factors

Finally, do note that some bikes have a much higher risk of damage due to their power, design, and statistics. So, make sure that the companies provide you with adequate coverage on that. 

You can always compare the two-wheeler insurance on the internet and see all the insurance providers who are available to provide you with help on insurance coverage. You can also check all the policies extensively. You could also save up some cash whenever you purchase a two-wheeler and a lot of it will have to depend on the kind of effort you put in when it comes to finding the best two-wheeler insurance for your second-hand bike.

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