June 2023


How To Choose the Right Insurance Agent For You

If you’re entering the world of insurance for the first time, you may find the act of searching for an insurance agent to be daunting. This is no surprise, it’s not a straightforward venture and a lot is riding on you having the right level of insurance and the right type of insurance also.

If you want to get it right the first time, here’s what you can do.

Check Credentials

When you choose an insurance agent, it’s important to make sure you look into their credentials. Surprisingly a lot of people out there just aren’t who they say they are. So with this in mind, you should ask for certifications to prove that they are who they claim to be. You should also be able to see them on a company website or see if they have a website that details their experience as well.

Ask Past Clients

Credentials only take you so far. So make sure to ask past clients how they felt when working with insurance clients. Some questions include: Are they competent and easy to work with? Do they take their time when comparing and explaining different insurance products? How reliable are their offerings?

You can make sure the insurance agent is working to help you and not the insurance company if you ask.

Look At Online Reviews

Most highly reputable insurance agents proudly display their reviews on their website, to show how well-liked they are and prove themselves as an industry leader.  This however is only a small amount of reviews they want to show you. If you want to get the best information look at independent reviews on websites such as Google, social media and more.

This does take a little bit of work, but it pays off when you find the right agent in the end.

Consider The Insurance Agent’s Location

When you’re considering an insurance agent, someone close by is better than someone out of state. This is because you want to be able to drop into your insurance agent’s office if you can or have them come to you. Often we find a good insurance agent, you’re working with them for decades, so it’s worth choosing someone local. In addition, a local agent will know your state’s requirements and how much your local area will contribute to insurance costs.  This is important, no matter if you want car or homeowners insurance agencies in Albany, NY. 

Ask For A Quote Breakdown

Before you do any business with an insurance agent, you will want a quote with a full breakdown of the coverage you’re getting, with any discounts included. This is a great way to compare what different agents offer and shows you a lot about the insurance agent and what they care about. A good insurance agent will make their quotes easy to read, and easy to understand and clarify any questions you may have quickly and effectively.

Evaluate Social Skills

You may not know this as a first-time insurance buyer, but the insurance agency is built on people, so the most successful agents are those who have the social skills to find, keep and help long-term clients. So you want to make sure you can judge how the insurance agent communicates with you, and preferably in person.

You want to notice if they are attentive, listen to your questions, provide helpful answers and can effectively communicate on your behalf with the insurance company as well as other parties such as mechanics, health care providers and more.

Look At the Quality of Service

Insurance agents aren’t just there to help you find the right insurance policy. Their job is to remain on call if you want to change your provider, add or reduce coverage, or make a claim. So you want to look for signs of quality of service. This includes doing things with the client in mind. Is everything hard to understand, hard to read and delayed? This is a red flag. Is everything straightforward, well-communicated and simple to understand? This is a green flag.

Choose NY’s Best!

Choosing an insurance agent can feel daunting, but when you have someone like NY Insurance Hub on your side, you can’t go wrong. They are local insurance agents who have close relationships with proven local and national insurance providers to help you find the best possible insurance coverage for your specific needs and will give you peace of mind come claim time.

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