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Save your money by renewing your motor insurance

This is a good solution for new drivers, or drivers with many accidents on file. Every year and even if you have insurance with your company, start searching for a better or cheaper option a month before your renewal date. When it’s time to renew your insurance policy, you always see and see if your current insurer has added any additional charges.

Sometimes this fee is not needed and they can be forgiven. If you get one and a motor insurance renewal company which offers better value for money, make sure you tell your current person that you are thinking of moving forward.

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Finding the right company for van purchase

You have felt the need of purchasing a commercial van for your business. However, you are unsure of the company from where you would make the purchase. You need to research a bit or take reviews from those that have made a recent purchase. The best company that offers you the ideal van for sale Singapore is the one that is reputed, reliable, recommended and experienced. You can check out the fleet of vans and the brand available with the shortlisted companies.

Goldbell is the ideal company that offers high quality and branded van for sale in Singapore. Get in touch with the company representatives to get a quote on the vans available.

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Preparing for Your New Car Purchase

It can be an exciting time to begin looking for a new car. It can also be a very tedious process, however. There are many times when you may feel like you are never going to find the right one with the right price. Most people spend time looking at several places before they make a final decision. The process can be much easier when you prepare ahead of time. Your credit score and income have a big impact on your ability to be approved.

Credit Score

You must work with a lender to get a car financed. Availability of these loans is heavily dependent on your credit score. If you have not checked your score lately, be sure to find out what it is before you go in to look at cars. If your score has dropped over the years, take some time to work on this before purchasing a car. Otherwise, you may end up with an extremely high interest rate. You can take the time to pay off collections or dispute them. You may also need to get caught up on your debt. Credit card debt makes a big impact. Resolve these issues before adding more debt.


The amount of money that you make can also have an impact on your ability to be approved for a new car loan. You are often required to supply the lender with recent paycheck stubs going back about three months. You may also need to provide your most recent tax documents. If your income has changed drastically, you can pick up a small job on the side to show more earnings before you apply for the car loan. Be sure to look at cars in your price range so that the payments do not get overwhelming. A Mitsubishi dealer in Phillip has some great affordable options.

Down Payment

When you go to purchase your car, you must put down a minimum payment to start your lending contract. You can significantly impact your monthly payments when you make this payment larger. When you pay more upfront, there is less to finance. This can also help you with approval. If you cannot afford a large down payment, it may be more cost efficient to wait and save up more. Some car dealerships may give you an amount that they expect you to pay or ask for you to trade in your current vehicle. Trade ins help take off money from the loan immediately, as well.

A new car can be fun to shop for. You may spend several days out walking around lots and test driving different vehicles. Take the time to prepare ahead of time, however. Begin to work on your credit months before you need to take out a car loan. You can even boost your income with an extra job a few months before you apply. Your down payment can significantly change the amount that you owe later. When you start early and prepare properly, the car buying experience can be much easier.

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Five Compelling Reasons to Buy a Brand New SUV

Buying a new SUV is a serious decision but can represent a significant moment in your life. You want your vehicle to go through life with you and potentially grow old with you. Because you have decided to get an SUV it is time to determine whether to get a brand-new or used car. Although you can save a significant amount of money when you buy a used SUV, there are many good reasons to buy a new one:

Get Attractive Financing

Buying a new SUV provides you the opportunity to enjoy financing incentives you can use. This makes it possible for you to fit your monthly payments into your budget. Also, you can benefit from low-interest rates which come available with new SUVs. In fact, buying a new car lets you choose a loan term that works for your situation.

Enjoy a Discount

The market for brand-new SUVs is very competitive. Manufacturers produce the same model and want to take a big slice of the market share. Thus, they can give you a big discount on the price when you visit a showroom. Discounts are even possible when you buy a new SUV around the end of the year or month since manufacturers might make way for newer models. They will want to move their inventory faster to accommodate the upcoming ones. New models don’t have to be always expensive. You can still get cheap suv cars out there that suit your budget.

You Enjoy a Good Warranty

You can expect new car manufacturers to provide you with a good warranty to prove the durability and quality of their models. This warranty has longer coverage than what you can get from a used car warranty.

Low Maintenance Cost

A brand new model hasn’t been used by anyone else, which means it hasn’t been on the road. It is in a perfect shape and without any wear and tear problems. This means that you do not need to spend money on maintenance during the first few months of using your vehicle. But remember to take your SUV for a periodic maintenance to keep in good running condition. Usually, you will need to bring it after reaching a particular mileage or some age in your vehicle. Periodic maintenance activities will include brake pad change, oil change, and others.

You Get the Latest Features

Usually, a two-year-old SUV and a brand new one have no difference in features. But, car makers usually roll out huge changes to their product line, with new features and designs to their vehicles. You need to purchase a new SUV if you want these features.

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Things to note when purchasing from a used car dealer

In the second-hand car market, there can be many unscrupulous dealers out there who are looking to scam their potential clients through a variety of tactics: tweaking the car’s odometer, selling a car with major mechanical issues, inflating their after-service rates, and even claiming that the car is in a pristine condition when it is actually not. The list of underhand tactics is exhaustive, but here are some tips to ensure that you find the right dealer.

Looking for specific brands

Some dealers specialised in certain brands of cars that they are familiar with, or they have a partnership with the specific brand and are able to get preferential services like flexible financing, breakdown assistance, servicing by the brand’s mechanics, etc. If you are looking specifically for a Toyota car, it would be best to find a used car dealer that is affiliated to them. It would also mean they tend to pay more attention to the cars they are taking in, as they have to maintain the brand’s reputation and trust placed in them.

Reputation of the company

When looking for a used car dealer, the reputation of a company matters and it can determine whether a consumer can purchase a car from the company without encountering any dodgy sales tactics. In Canberra, cars for sale can be found almost everywhere, but look for a company that has a huge inventory, locations that they have set up shop in, the range of financing options, and even the online reviews. All these factors point to a positive business model if they are able to garner such support from their previous clients.

Financing options

If you cannot afford to pay for a car in full, look out for the various financing options offered by the dealer. This could be an in-house loan (where they offer it on their own accord), a loan from a financial institution such as a bank or a private money lender. Compare the down payment required, interest rates, terms of repayment and tenure to ensure that you are financially comfortable to own a car.

Extra services

Dealers which go the extra mile for their clients will often leave a lasting impression on them. These services could include little things like providing a VIP breakdown assistance service, free accommodation for one night or a one-way flight to the dealer’s location if the client is staying in another state and wishes to collect the car himself. Providing a detailed 100-point mechanical inspection will also give the client a peace of mind in knowing that their car has been checked thoroughly. 

Heading down to the dealer

The rise of the Internet has allowed businesses to increase their productivity through this medium, and a used car company is not an exception. Most of the time when a client has sold (or traded in) his car to the dealer, there will be a period where the car will be sitting in the garage or workshop, waiting to be checked by the mechanics. In this downtime, the dealer will not post any advertisements on the website till they have further information on the condition of the car. In some cases, heading down to the physical location of the shop to enquire about a used car coming in may see yourself snagging a good deal.

Purchasing a used car can either be a good deal or a nightmare for you, especially if you have bought a lemon car that has been falsely advertised by a dishonest dealer. Do the necessary research and homework beforehand to ensure that you do not seem gullible to the dealer. If necessary, bring along a trusted mechanic will be able to ascertain that the car is in an acceptable condition.

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The advantages of Car Leasing Companies

Leasing a vehicle could be a very confusing process for a lot of motorists. Sometimes individuals are less than sure which approach to New You are able to lease is best on their behalf. The next information will let you to work through a few of these questions:

First, you can aquire Brooklyn cars in 3 ways. You will find the choice of investing in a new vehicle or perhaps a second hand vehicle, or lease new cars. Lots of people is only going to buy a brand-new vehicle. They think this is the only method to purchase a vehicle. Edge in the game simply because they love getting the most recent model vehicle along with the low costs connected with maintenance. Alternatively, many people recommend purchasing used cars for sale. This really is normally simply because they can’t afford a brandname-new vehicle or believe that spending much cash on an automobile is not required.

Sometimes the best of all possible worlds is possible, though, when customers pursue car leasing deals. Vehicle leases can provide somebody who new vehicle feeling without the cost of maintenance. The greatest difference is they’re not going to own the vehicle, unless of course they decide to in the finish from the car leasing. This could frequently be considered a great choice for individuals that could be unable to afford a brandname-new vehicle. Vehicle lease deals frequently don’t require large lower payments and also the monthly obligations can be quite affordable.

Several components can permit you to obtain cheap car leasing. Among the first stuff that you might want to do is look out for various lease specials that car leasing information mill offering. You might be able to find a far greater cost around the vehicle that you’re wanting to lease. Should there be no special car leasing deals presently on offer, they’re another ways that exist the best deal.

Obviously, you ought to have an over-all concept of the kind of vehicle you want to lease. This should help you while you start to compare the brand new You are able to lease options from various dealerships. You should also realize that vehicle lease deals can be found for various durations, some as lengthy as 5 years. The shorter period of time that you simply lease the automobile, the greater it might be for you personally. You might have lower payments for extended lease periods, but you’ll not keep having that new vehicle feel. You may even start to experience additional maintenance and repair costs over the warranty.

After you have determined which from the car leasing companies you’ll be using for the lease, you can start to barter a repayment plan. You are able to frequently find less costly vehicle leases when the dealership includes a surplus from the vehicle you’re searching at. This provides you more settlement room in reducing your monthly cost.

It’s also wise to be very conscious that most leases charges you extra cash should you review the mileage. At that time that you simply start your lease, you are able to negotiate purchasing additional mileage. You are able to normally do that for five cents miles and may estimate the number of miles you believe have a trip over. This can eventually help you save money, since many leases stipulate you need to pay between ten and 15 cents per mile.

Car leasing is a terrific way to have the ability to afford new Brooklyn cars. The truly amazing factor about leasing a vehicle is the fact that when the New You are able to lease has ended, you may choose to buy the vehicle outright or choose to acquire a new vehicle underneath the car leasing program. There’s also many professions that may offer reimbursements and you’ll be eligible for a tax credits. Much like investing in a new vehicle, you be capable of negotiate a few of the terms using the lease. Spend some time and find the correct vehicle with car leasing payments that you’re confident with.

If you are going to some place to spend holidays, you may find a number of offers on car leasing. There are many types of cars available, from small ones to big luxurious cars. The options are unlimited to choose from and all companies provide good services as well.

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What happens behind the scenes before you buy a car

Sometimes we just don’t realise the lengths that people go to in order to get the job done or to create the experience that we as consumers expect. This is never more-true than in the automobile industry where the act of buying a new car is filled with behind the scene effort and magic. That feeling you get when you walk onto a showroom floor and get ready to part with your hard-earned cash is a special one, but what goes into creating it? What happens behind the scenes before, and after, you take ownership of your new wheels?

Factory to floor

It is quite crazy when you actually think about the journey a car must undertake in order to get from eth factory where it is made to the showroom floor where it is sold. In some instances the factory and the dealership are in the same country, but in many instances the cars have to be transported over international borders. It is hard enough organizing car transport Melbourne to Sydney, imagine how hard it is doing it from Japan to Botswana! But the reality is that wherever you are when you buy a new car you expect it to have as close to zero on the clock as possible – and that takes a lot of hard work and planning.

Thinking smart

From the dealers perspective one of the key parts of selling a new car is being able to dispose of the purchasers old wheels. And this is not always easy. Trade-ins happen everywhere but being able to offload the trade-in is a risk that is carried by the dealership and so they work hard behind the scenes to set up a network of second-hand buyers who they know will reliably be able to buy what they bring them and at an appropriate price.


Once you have acquired the car you want to be able to drive it away as soon as possible, and with the minimal amount of fuss. Again, this is something that the dealership plans for and manages, ensuring that once the process is initiated that they have people available to take the papers to the licensing office for registration and all the other legal formalities that must take place. It sounds simple, but the truth of the matter is that you don’t want to do it so they take care of it for you.

Test Drives

For every genuine buyer there are about ten more people who are just looking for a bit of a day out. Sure, many of them are looking to buy cars, but your make and model might only be one of five or more on the list that they intend to drive. But still, part of the salesperson’s job is to deliver the patter and attempt to close the deal. It can be very time consuming and of course it also means adding mileage to the car that you are driving, which in turn lowers its value. But it must be done as it is all part of the experience.

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What To Do After You’ve Been In A Car Crash

Even if it wasn’t much more than a bump, being in a car accident can come as a real shock. You may be left feeling overwhelmed, confused, and even disoriented in the moments following the accident, and feel unsure of exactly what you’re supposed to do next. If you’ve been in a car accident that’s left you conscious, relatively unharmed or only mildly injured, but feeling shaken, use this checklist to make sure you take the correct next steps.

  • Assess your body for injuries. Take a moment to breathe and remain calm. This is the moment to check yourself over to make sure you haven’t suffered any major injuries that will need immediate medical attention. If you have been injured, your first step will, of course, be to call emergency services for urgent help. Once you’ve recovered, you should also get in touch with Matthew Glossop & Associates for support in ensuring that the necessary compensation for your injuries are fully covered, so you can focus on healing and recovering rather than stressing over finances.
  • Keep your cool. If your car is in a bit of a state but your body is okay, it may be tempting to climb out of your car and immediately start screaming at the person who caused the accident, or to defend yourself if you may have been in the wrong. Instead, you should keep a level head so you can assess the situation for signs of danger or other injured drivers.
  • Maintain road safety. A car accident can wreak havoc on the road for other drivers, particularly if it’s occurred during a busy hour on the road. Turn on your hazard lights so other drivers know to slow down as they approach, and, if possible, remove any dangerous large shards of glass or shrapnel from the road so that other drivers can move past safely without causing a significant delay.
  • Stay on the scene. Regardless of how urgently you need to be somewhere or how angry your boss may be over your late arrival at work, it’s important to remain at the scene of the accident until the emergency services have arrived and all of the relevant insurance arrangements have been made. If you’ve experienced any form of injury, you should also stay put so you can be thoroughly assessed by the paramedics on the scene.
  • Exchange information. Both drivers involved in the accident will need plenty of information in order to process insurance claims and follow through on any legal action if necessary. Make sure you get the other driver’s name, address, and phone number so you can get hold of them if you need to. You’ll also need the details of their car, including the make and model, registration number, and insurance information.
  • Take note of the details. Record all of the details you have available about the car That includes the time, location and date of the accident, as well as everything you can remember about exactly what occurred. This can be difficult, but it’s important to remember as much as you can. Take photos of the aftermath of the accident and speak to any witnesses in the area who saw what happened.
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Shopping for car items online made easy

There are some rather niche items that you can purchase on the world wide web these days. We are not talking about mail order brides or other peculiar things, but rather possessions that you otherwise might not have thought about buying online if you hadn’t given it much think time. Take, for instance, food shopping. Once upon a time, people would never in a million years buy a shirt or a skirt or a pair of shoes without trying them on in the shop first. In this day and age of buying online and e-commerce and shopping from the comfort of your own home or work place, though, it’s totally possible and more than feasible. It’s now actually the ‘done thing’, and more and more people are doing this sort of thing instead of braving long queues at shopping outlets and malls, which waste time and precious other hours and minutes.

For your car and the cars of others

You could buy rims online for yourself or friends or family. Instead of going to the motor shop and looking through a very limited range, you can instead spend some time in front of your personal computer or laptop or even on your mobile device, to click through the many, many choices that will be available in stores online. This again will save you time and money and you will be afford all the convenience of not being pressurized by an overzealous salesman or salesperson eager to capitalize on your purchase. From there, you could just enter your details, make payment and all in all just wait for delivery. Then you can fit them yourself and be good to go, rolling down the street and showing off your new wheel attachments.

The bling of it all really can be an eye catcher

When you have your new rims on offer and people are impressed, they’ll ask you where you got them and you will then be able to wax lyrical about this. They will probably be surprised that you bought them online and will largely be keen to do so themselves the next time they need to make such a purchase. They too will look to tell their friends.

It’s not just about the items for the bottom half of your car?

What about the top half? Perhaps you want to have a sunroof put into your car or maybe you would like to consider doing some of the insides over, getting your seats recovered and other upholstered items redone. There are online shops for this too. These processes, however, will need fitment in the shop no doubt, so it’s a bit of a give and take process, whereby you can make the selection on your computer but will then have to take your car in to get the fittings done. You will still save time by doing the bulk of the difficult process online, though. This can also, again, include the payment process. The professionals will then be waiting to help you on the other end.

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What is Scratch and Dent Insurance

The coverage of scratch and dent insurance is to financial protect the vehicle owner from minor blemishes on the finish of the vehicle. This is coverage for repairs on damage from everyday use of the vehicle and not from accidents or collisions. Below we have compiled some information including what is covered in scratch and dent insurance.

What Constitutes a Minor Blemish?

  • When a section of the paint is chipped away and is 150 mm or 5.9” and smaller in diameter.
  • When a scratch is no longer than 150 mm or 5.9”.
  • All dents must be 150 mm or 5.9” or smaller in diameter.
  • Scuffs on the paint have to be 150 mm or 5.9” or smaller in diameter.

The total amount of the repairs must not exceed the upper limit as stated in the policy for the damage to be repaired. Repairs to glass windows and sunroofs are excluded from this coverage. Only damage to the exterior of the vehicle is covered with this type of insurance policy.

What Types of Vehicles can be covered by Scratch and Dent Insurance?

  • Most any motor vehicle to be utilized for personal use.
  • The insurance policy must be taken out within 30 days of the vehicle being purchased.
  • On average the vehiclecan be 2 to 7 years old depending on the policy and insurance company.
  • The maximum amount of mileage on the vehicle to be covered is from 20,000 to 70,000 miles depending on the type of coverage and the insurance company.
  • Only standard paint jobs or finishes like from the factory are covered with scratch and dent insurance. Custom paint jobs and non-s standard finishes are not covered.
  • Once a policy is written and remains in effect the vehicle can be covered until it is 30 years old under most policies as long as the premium is paid.

What Vehicles are not covered by Scratch and Dent Insurance?

  • For hire vehicles like cabs and Uber vehicles cannot be covered.
  • Commercial vehicles over 3,500 kg, 7,716 lbs or 3.9 tonnes.
  • Quad vehicles and motorcycles.
  • Any vehicle used to transport goods.

Time to Make a Claim of Damage

  • Most policies are written where a claim must be made between 15 or 30 days of the damage occurring.
  • No preexisting conditions on the exterior of the vehicle are covered.
  • The exact time allowance will be clearly stated in the policy.

How Long are the Repairs Guaranteed for?

  • The time of protection against a bad repair depends on the policy.
  • Most repairs are covered from 3 to 5 years with the cost of the repair being completed again as part of the insurance coverage as stated in the policy.

Scratch and Dent insurance is for coverage on the policy holder’s vehicle only. No third party vehicle owner is covered in this type of policy like in Liability insurance policies.

The scratch and dent insurance policy is separate from all other policies a vehicle owner has on their vehicle. When a claim is made on the scratch and dent policy, their other policies are not effected in terms of points or occurrences.

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