How to make money selling second hand Scooter/Bikes?

Buying and selling second hand Scooters/Bikes can be a tedious job if you are not able to put in an effort for it. The second hand scooter/bike market is very ineffective and unorganized. People face a number of problems while in this market. These include:

  1. People have to involve a third-party person or organize to connect to a buyer or a seller.
  2. Buyers tend to take discounts on the second hand scooters/bikes more than what is fair because there is no way to find out the real re-sale value of the vehicles.
  3. Sellers happily sell their old bikes/scooter at a stiffer discount so as to complete the deal instead of breaking it up.
  4. Buys feel hesitant to buy bikes/scooter from unknown people/organization. They don’t believe in the quality of products sold by people who are not from a recognized brand.

These problems provide people with a lot of scope to make money by trading bikes/scooters.

How to start this business?

To have success in the business of buying and selling second hand scooters/bikes, the most important thing is to find good conditioned bikes at a discount. Try to develop a strong knowledge about the vehicles. Develop an ability to look for and find out potential problems in scooters/bikes after taking a test ride. Also, try to get a negotiation skill set imparted in you as you need to figure out the price at which someone will part away with their bikes/scooters. This provides you with the chance to make out some money. Honda Livo 110 is one of the most reliable scooters in the market. If you end up buying a Livo on second hand, you won’t have to spend much on its repairs.

You might have to make some initial investment to buy a couple of second hand bikes and perform necessary repair work on them to earn profits on them. You can always close out the first few deals in the earlier days to irk out fewer profit margins. This could help you in the long term to establishing contacts and earn extra money to buy more bikes with that profit.

How to find second hand bikes?

Searching for second hand bikes/scooters is not that difficult. All you need to do is take a proper lookout for things around you. You can search the following:

  1. Newspapers ads and classifieds act as a good source to search for good used bikes for sale.
  2. Online classified sites also provide you with a number of options to buy old scooters/bikes.
  3. You can also look out at your local bank auctioning off repossessed bikes.
  4. You can also get nearby sellers to come directly to you to sell their old bikes.

How to get a good benefit from your second hand bike?

Your ultimate goal should be to get the maximum value you can extract from the bike/scooter after spending few added bucks on repairs.

  1. Do the basic repairs on the bike/scooter. Try to tidy up how the vehicle looks and repair dents that would be on there.
  2. Re-check that the bike/scooter doesn’t produce any unnatural noise.
  3. Avoid spending a lot of money and time on the bike. No matter how much time you spend to make the bike look as good as new, no one will pay more money than for a new bike.
The Last Words

Trade of second hand bikes/scooters are a good way to make good money out of deal. You can buy a numbers of scooters such as Honda Livo 110 and others on second hand and sell them to potential customers after making repairs on them.