Mahindra Gusto Vs Hero Duet – Survival for the Fittest

Gearless two wheelers have gained immense popularity in the market since the last decade. With the great demand and rising competition, many people get confused about which one to buy and which will be convenient for them. Two of the biggest brands in the Indian scooter industry, Mahindra and Hero have come up with offerings that are surely going to lure you into buying them. But when it comes to choosing one, it strikes a dilemma.Mahindra Gusto and Hero Duet are already popular in the same segment. Many of the features are quite similar in both the vehicles. With a wide range of colors and price options in both the vehicles, we’ll help you to decide which one is better for you.

Looks and Features

Mahindra Gusto: Mahindra has come up with some unique style and features for Gusto. It is the first two-wheeler to come up with a unique adjustable seat height. So now one can just adjust the seats according the position that suits them and enjoy the ride. Spacious under seat, easy front kick, guide lamp, tubeless tires, and telephonic suspension are some of the best features in Mahindra Gusto VX.

Hero Duet: Hero has given a refreshing look for its Gusto as it launched a scooter after a long gap. With full metal body, telephonic front suspension, tubeless tires, integrated brakes and a digital cum analog console meter, it is packed with features. The storage under seat has a lot of space and it also has mobile charging port and boot light.

Look wise, Hero Duet looks better but Mahindra Gusto has better features. The key of the scooty flips and opens like a blade and has a LED light. If you can’t find your Gusto in a crowded parking lot just hit the button on a flip key the vehicle will blink and beep and you can spot your vehicle in no time. You can choose the Mahindra Gusto for better features and the Hero Duet for a better design.

Engine, Performance, and Mileage

Mahindra Gusto: The scooter comes with a 109.6cc, 4-stroke, air cooled, M-TEC engine with maximum power of output 6 bhp @7500 rpm and 9nm @5500 rpm of maximum torque. The fuel tank capacity is 6 liters and the mileage is around 63 kmpl.

Hero Duet: It comes with an 110.9cc, air cooled, 4-stroke cylinder OHC with maximum power of output 6.2bhp @ 8000 rpm and 8.30nm @ 6500 rpm of maximum torque. The fuel tank capacity is 5.5 liters and the mileage is around 63 kmpl.

Both these scooters have a similar mileage and even the engine performance is more or less the same. Fuel tank capacity of Gusto is more than Duet but the net power of Hero Duet is comparatively more than Gusto. Thus, Hero Duet makes a sensible choice if engine power is your concern.


Mahindra Gusto: The price of the scooter varies from Rs 46,010 and Rs 55,880 depending upon the showroom and the edition you purchase. The Mahindra Gusto VX is priced at Rs 52,706 which is the mid range version and quite economical as well.

Hero Duet: The price of Hero Duet ranges from Rs 47,830 and Rs 54,671 depending upon the showroom, color and edition you purchase.

The price of both these scootersis quite similar but the starting price of Mahindra Gusto is comparatively less than Hero Duet so if price is your concern, you can go ahead with Mahindra Gusto. Even looking at the features, the Gusto feels like a more value for money option.