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Three Smart Tools for Successful Car Dealers

Selling cars has come a long way from the days of loud sports jackets and late night television ads. Today we use an arsenal of high tech tools that help car dealerships do everything from pinpoint the local first time buyers to highlight the latest car models in the comfort of your own home. The computer, and with it the internet, have created a whole new way for the neighborhood car dealership to not only sell well, but fine tune what it sells and how.

But some tools have begun to really stand out as the top technology that just about every successful car dealership has in its toolbox. Things like the automotive CRM software that is often provided to dealerships by the home office can make the job of selling that much easier. Still, for every piece of technology that is developed by the big guys in Detroit, there are also some free or very inexpensive tools that dealerships are learning to turn to that help sell more effectively. Here are just three that many dealerships are learning to take advantage of, to reach out to that prospective buyer and convince them that their dealership is where they need to buy their next car.


This software for creating simple to read and create newsletters has become the go-to tool for getting the word out to past customers, interested browsers and fans of a dealership brand. Email continues to be the most effective tool for connecting with prospective buyers and turning them into customers, despite the growth of social media on the web.

Creating a viable emailing list is the start, and to make it truly effective you must have buy-in from the individuals on the list. This isn’t just smart marketing, it is now the law across the country. But using this free software platform with its easy to follow templates allows dealers to showcase the latest models, tout the new features and entice readers to come in and give them a test drive. Just be sure you have included the opt out line at the bottom of your template. It not only keeps you legal, it allows your mailing list to be filled only with readers who are genuinely interested in what you are selling.

Social Media

While a website is almost a given these days, the world of car dealerships is a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to social media. This includes not only familiar sites like Facebook and Twitter but also using social media sites like Instagram to place beauty shots of the latest car models. While considering your social media campaign, don’t forget to include a blog that runs from your website and highlights changes in the industry. Making a blog informative about the industry itself can make it a must read, so make sure that visitors can sign up for email updates and always include links to blogs, social media accounts and your site on all correspondence.

Tablets and iPads

In the showroom, salespeople with tablets can become the ultimate salesperson with every detail and factual bit at their fingertips. Many dealerships are moving the financial side of the transaction to these handy little devices, making the entire process seamless. Teach is here to stay, so bringing it into the showroom, your sales campaign and part of your image is simply a smart way to not only survive but thrive in this cutthroat business.