Where’s The Best Place to Buy a New Car?

If you’re looking to purchase your next car, you might be interested in buying a used vehicle instead of a new one. While it’s nice to drive away from a dealer in a brand new vehicle, it can be rather expensive. If you’re buying a new car on finance because you don’t have quite enough cash to cover the whole cost upfront, you’ll need to bear in mind that your finances might be further strained due to the monthly repayments.

However, you could save potentially thousands by buying a used car that is still in an amazing condition. Cars drop in value very quickly, and the price of a car can drop by more than 20 percent as soon as it’s driven away from the dealer’s forecourt.

Needless to say, it’s important to give used cars a thorough inspection before any money changes hands, and you’ll have to take extra care when looking for signs of degradation. Buying a used car could potentially save you money, but it won’t amount to that much if you need to pay for repairs on a weekly basis.

You can find plenty of Canberra cars for sale for a bargain, but you might want to take a qualified mechanic along with you when browsing to make sure you don’t buy a vehicle that’s about to fall apart. However, with many different ways to buy used cars, how do you know which is your safest option?


Finding a Reliable Second-Hand Car

You will definitely be disappointed if you buy a used car that’s in huge need of repairs, and that might affect your decision on where to find the perfect vehicle.

  • Purchasing a second-hand car using the internet – There are many websites that specialise in the sale of used cars, but you shouldn’t pay for something you think is an absolute steal until you see it in person. You might think you need to take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity, but being patient is a better idea if you don’t want to end up with a pile of junk.
  • Buying from a friend – Oftentimes, it’s much cheaper to buy a used car from your friend than anybody else. Of course, they might feel inclined to give you a good price, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay for expensive repairs in the imminent future.
  • Visiting a registered dealer – Many people choose to buy used cars from registered dealers. Most of the reputable dealers will have inspected the vehicle from top to bottom before putting it up for sale, and that means you can be fairly confident that your car will last for years.

We’re not trying to suggest you completely rule out the idea of buying a new car, we’re just saying that you might benefit financially from buying a used vehicle. Just make sure the car you buy is in a good enough condition to last for years to come.